"Buz Food and Beverage POS is the ultimate touch screen point of sale program for the club industry"

Designed for your club food and beverage operations, Buz F & B POS is the ultimate touch screen point of sale program.  Buz F & B POS is fully integrated with Buz Accounting and Buz Member Manager.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Touch screen interface
  • Easy to configure menu designs using drag and drop
  • Table service and member service options
  • Credit book
  • Gift certificates
  • Check splitting
  • Split tendering
  • Automatic service charges
  • Sales tracked to member
  • Real time posting to AR and GL

New Features

  • Coursing menu
  • Inventory price control from the F&B sales screen
  • Happy Hour sales management
  • Product details available at POS for staff
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Server logs in  Touch the table button to open a table  Select a member by name or number  Main order screen  Press the flashing member info button to see member phot and POS notes  Process the order  Split the order before tendering  Tender the sale  Done.  Back to the main order screen  Fire Course Menu  Change inventory from the POS  Schedule your happy hour and prices