Retail POS

"Power packed POS is fully integrated with the tee sheet"

Designed for your golf shop operations, Buz Retail POS is the ultimate touch screen point of sale program.  Buz Retail POS comes with a fully integrated purchase order and inventory management system and is fully integrated with Buz tee Times, Buz Accounting and Buz Member Manager.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Touch screen interface
  • Bar code scanning
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase order system
  • Drag and drop configuration
  • Gift certificates
  • Credit book
  • Split tendering
  • Sales tracked to member
  • Real time posting to AR and GL
  • Fully integrated with Buz Tee Times
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Retail POS with easy tom use touch screen interface  Intuitive drag and drop setup makes it easy to see how your POS screens will appear  Integrated credit bookm is ideal for tournament prizes and member incentives  Sell and redeem gift certificates.  Partial redemptions are supported  POS is fully integrated with the tee sheet.  Launch POS directly from tee sheet  View chit history and detail from tee sheet